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Technical Support for Global Fund Countries

Technical Support for
Global Fund Countries

Since 2007, TAI in partnership with Grants Management Solutions (GMS) has provided technical assistance support to countries to help them successfully manage their Global Fund Grants to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

Among the technical support services TAI provides for GF grant management are the following:

  • Support to capacity of Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) to provide governance and leadership at the national level for Global Fund grants. This includes CCM performance assessment and technical support to ensure the CCM meets Global Fund eligibility requirements;
  • Technical support to help CCM in developing its founding documents (i.e Governance Manual, Conflict of Interest Mitigation Plan, Operations Plan, Communications Strategy etc.)
  • Technical support in capacity building of CCM Secretariat
  • Technical support in oversight capacity building and assist countries with oversight plan; and introduction of Oversight Dashboard.
  • Technical support to help countries plan and engage in nationwide country dialogue processes as required by Global Fund under the New Funding Model;
  • Organizational development and financial management support for Principal Recipients (PRs) and Sub Recipients (SRs), as well as support for grant closeouts;
    • In high impact country settings, TAI is able to function as the fiscal agent for GF and provide in-depth capacity building for CCMs, PRs, and SRs.
    • Provide technical assistance for grant consolidation and grant close-outs.

Examples of recent technical assistance provided by TAI to GF countries include:

  • Strengthening CCM performance in Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Solomon Islands, Pacific Islands Regional Multi Country and Timor Leste;
  • Capacity building to strengthen the operations of the PRs in Bhutan, Cambodia, Nepal, and Pakistan;
  • Assisted the PR in Pakistan in grant consolidation under single strand funding;
  • Strengthened capacity in Cambodia for improved M&E systems, financial management and budget control systems;
  • Trained and supported 14 civil society organizations in financial management practices and systems in Bangladesh.

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