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Bangladesh – LIP

Since 1987, TAI along with MSH has been assisting Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to improve the performance of the Bangladesh Family Planning Program at the community level. USAID supported this highly successful project over the ten-year period. programs with high-quality services at the local level. Through the FPMD project, TAI and MSH worked with the Ministry of Health (MOH) from 1987-1998 to improve the national family planning program at the grassroots level. Through the Local Initiatives Program (LIP), worked to strengthen the management skills of thana (sub-district) family...
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Afghanistan – LIP

MOBILIZING AND EDUCATING COMMUNITIES FOR IMPROVED HEALTH REACH employed an integrated system of community-based health care to increase the use of health services. This system promotes relationships among health facility staff, community health workers, shura-e-sehi(community health committees), and community members to achieve: • a healthy environment and healthy behaviors in 
homes and communities; • full use of preventive maternal and child health services; • appropriate use of curative services. TAI UNDER REACH PROGRAM HELPED NGOs TRAINED NEARLY 6,300 COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS, MORE THAN HALF OF WHOM ARE FEMALE Identifying and...
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Over 350 million people in India live in poverty and many of those people lack access to adequate reproductive and child health (RCH) services. In 1999, Technical Assistance, Inc. (TAI) in collaboration with MSH began piloting the Local Initiatives Program in India (India-LIP) to expand reproductive and child health services to low-income, under-served families. A guiding principle of India-LIP is that the effectiveness, quality, and sustainability of any health initiative depend on the direct involvement of local community members at every level. Inspired by the sustained success of MSH’s Local...
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In Bhutan

Bhutan CCM Strengthening – July 2010 – May 2011 (GMS) Designed new governance manuals, operations plan, oversight plan, and conflict of interest mitigation plan; CCM membership renewal; Assisted CCM in restructure and established permanent committees; Facilitated capacity-building for CCM members on their roles, CCM functions and grant oversight; and strengthened functioning of CCM Secretariat Bhutan – Principal Recipient Management (PRM) Strengthening– June – Nov 2009 (GMS) Provided technical support team to strengthen the grant management capacity of Principal Recipients (HIV/AIDS and TB), and assisted them in the Phase 2 renewal...
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