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Support for Program Development and Implementation

TAI program development and implementation falls in two categories – shot term technical assistance and long-term technical services We are development practitioners, working under contract to governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies. We provide assistance for good governance practices; leadership development, grant management, organizational development, training and facilitation services that improve the policy maker, managers and individuals for organizational and individual effectiveness of the clients staff, contractors, and partners of developing organizations. TAI provides services for strategic planning, leadership development, team building, organization and program assessments, human resources assessment and planning, and collaboration. In addition to our work as development practitioners,...
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Conference, Workshop & Retreat Facilitation

One of TAI fundamental competencies is in the design and facilitation of workshops, conferences and retreats. TAI staff members facilitate hundreds of meetings every year. We work very closely with our clients to make sure that every meeting has clear and specific objectives, and that all of the activities or sessions contribute to the achievement of those objectives. TAI staff members facilitate hundreds of meetings every year. We take advantage of the full range of tools and approaches for meeting design and implementation, and select them based on the purpose of the meeting and who will be involved. We work...
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